Pregnant with numero quatro and it's hard to say what week.  Perhaps 13 maybe 14.  I'll get an update first of next month!  Let's just say 2nd trimester, growing at rapid capacity, and eating lots to make it all possible.  I could tell you day and hour of just how pregnant I was with the 1st but at this point I will feel lucky to make it to ALL the upcoming doctor visits.  This page will be devoted to CRAVINGS!!  if your stomach is queasy prone you may want to skip this fun!  and here are just a few so far:

Franks Hot Sauce and my homemade blu cheese dressing.  on like... nothing.  just the 2 mixed together, oh yes.

pickle juice.  right from the jar.  no shame, just try and leave enough to keep the pickles covered - that's my only goal.

sea salt caramels....will likely want these at any point after birth of child

sour cream & jalapenos....just mixed up.  fabulous concoction...

so far that's all for strangeness....the rest of my massive consumption I would gladly eat even if I were not in this current condition.

February 19, 2013

Salt bagel with jalapeno cream cheese from Joey's - divine bites for today :) the visit with a friend was lovely too :)

Mexican Hot Chocolate - today has been super extraordinary!  
Here is the recipe from Ina Garten....

2 cups whole milk
1 tablespoon light brown sugar
4 1/2 ounces bittersweet chocolate, such a Lindt, chopped
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Smallest pinch cayenne pepper
Long cinnamon sticks for stirrers, optional


Place the milk and sugar in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Off the heat, stir in the chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper with a wooden spoon and allow to steep for 3 minutes. Reheat the hot chocolate over low heat until it simmers.

Strain the chocolate into a measuring cup and pour into mugs. Stir with cinnamon sticks, if desired.

July 20, 2013

Once the heartburn set in the ferocious eating patterns settled.  Watermelon & Vanilla Almond Milk are the must haves of the day/week/month.  To the point where plans will be cancelled if these items run out and need to be found pronto.  I have had a few 3 am jump out of bed nights to drink glasses of milk - baby must need some calcium.  Not craving broccoli though - also high in calcium....hhmmm :)  
Too tired to make my deletable blue cheese dressing to top my hot sauce - still a very much appealing dish but my legs just won't stand in a kitchen long these days.  Nursing is when I go really berserk.  I usually tack on a few extra pounds those first few months.  Ahhhh....I shall miss this time one day :)

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