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Well into this 4th pregnancy I am becoming a domestic diva.... again.  I dream of legacies of my girls talking to their kids about how wonderful home and childhood were for them.  I suppose it's all the human cooking hormones multiplying at a rapid pace.  I can assure you 2 years ago I was dreaming of rank and file and legacies of becoming an author and having someone retrieve these little angles from school and getting them to the next destination all for me to come home from a blissful 10 hour day at the office to kiss them on their sweet foreheads and have them pour out their problems to me (in 10 short minutes of course because I do have a glass of wine waiting with my sweet husband, after all) and we carve out perfect solutions for them to drift off to sleep with the "greatest mother on earth" dreams of their own.

Then I had what I call a reality.....GET REAL LADY!  IT AIN'T HAPPENING THAT WAY!  You gotta pick.  You can have the career or you can have the kids BUT doing both well is impossible.  Oh yes, I can hear the challenges now, and I can go to battle for this domestic goddess anytime, all based on experience.  Every family is different and this is the sure way harmony is achieved in this blessed household....when this mama is home maintaining!!  Thank you Jesus for this early lesson in my 30s.  "my way" was creating an impossible road for me to journey.  Thankful for clarity and direction.

Disclaimer:  this journey is not a once size fits's specifically designed for this chameleon..

"...As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord..." ~Joshua 24:15

March 4, 2013

Well the busyness has begun!  Cabinets and closets are being cleaned out and organized.  I am always amazed the zest we get for "preparation" to add a new life to the mix.  I am even contemplating some house painting and gardening this summer - jump back!  I think that is my age - I am becoming domesticated.  Two of the girls will have to share a room starting this summer so we will be busy converting kids' rooms and preparing a nursery.  Keeping the clothes changed out has become quite the task and if Ella doesn't grow soon and Abbie Kate continues I guess they can all 2 share the same closet.  That would be helpful.  Minus having to buy 3 of the same size....

July 20, 2013
My treat to myself this summer was a "deep clean".  If you want to enjoy a clean home and put your feet up this is your home.  Cabinets were purged and wiped clean.  Closets & drawers were organized.  Haven't gotten much further than the house due to lack of energy and a growing baby.  The outside will have it's day when my body has more to give.  It has rained an insane amount here this summer anyway.  I have been teaching the 3 girls how to maintain clean rooms and living spaces so they can be fully aware of their expectations when I am busy with baby.  Just like myself they will never fully understand until it is "their" space - but for now they are super good helpers and organizers.  We moved Lillian out of her room and into Abbie Kate's to make way for baby.  She seems good with it and actually enjoys some company going to bed at night.  We have plans in place to "divide" the room should personal space become a huge problem.  The storage room is my next project when the girls start school and it's feedings and naps all day - nursery is next door :))  Looking forward to some upcoming days spent only at home...where our family space is....

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