Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hard to believe there are less than 2 weeks to go.  9 months is God's perfect timing.  You're not quite ready at 8 and can't take another day at 9 months.  We will celebrate Abbie Kate's 6th birthday this Wednesday and that's almost harder to believe.  What a clip a span of 5 years has become.  She is having a pool party with a few good friends and of course, family.  This will be a big year for her with the start of kindergarten and becoming a big sister.  I hope she adjusts well to all of these wonderful milestones.  I'll post some pics of our summer (if I have any, I have been pretty drained on arrival at each activity) and then you'll be tired of seeing baby girl 4 - we always get lots of sleeping pictures of infants don't we?!!
We are all in sweet anticipation of this new addition to our family!  Prayers for a healthy delivery and baby.
A.D.E.L.A....?? ...!