Monday, April 15, 2013

35 - Today was a fairytale....

I awoke to 3 anxious little girls jumping around begging me to open my birthday presents.  Two boxes sat sweetly wrapped on the dining room table.  I assured them as soon as I took my first sip of coffee I would get right on it :) They were bouncing around as if it were their birthday!  I relented and started celebrating long before I was really awake.  Abbie Kate had wrapped up a sweet little spring picture she drew with cheerful, bright colors and then I started on the other one.  Christmas paper enclosed the first box, princess paper on the next, and more Christmas paper on the final box that led to the "small blue box".  Oh yes, the aquamarine earrings I had asked for!  Andrew had actually sought them out and found them!  At that moment, still in my PJs and still no coffee in my system, I opened that blue box to find diamond earrings!  My birthstone and an insane SURPRISE!  I had thought of asking for them for maybe a 15th anniversary or 40th birthday and here they are!!  So I rejoiced with my squealing girls and came to the conclusion we must be born with the gittyness sparkly, perfect diamonds brings us girls.  It was a wonderful moment to see my husband so proud of himself for completing a birthday day that had yet to begin!
Quickly reminded that I am still a mother of 3 we began our day with Andrew taking Ella to her magic class and Abbie Kate going with me to Lillian's soccer game.  The sun was shining and the fields were abuzz with excited kids ready for their first game of the season.  My phone was abuzz as well with sweet birthday wishes from friends.  Lillian's team won and she was on top of the world getting to play side by side with her best friend, Lola.  The glorious day continued arriving at home to a card and present from my BFF Wendy left at my doorstep.  A walk with a friend in the perfectly sunny 70 degree weather, return home to shower the kids and take them to Grandmas for an overnight.  My evening continued with my favorite steak salad with blue cheese and homemade balsamic dressing, hours of uninterrupted conversation with Andrew, and peaceful sleep.  The morning took the 2 of us to Asheville to leisure over breakfast and newspapers at Over Easy Café.  The lavender French toast hit the spot!  We sat in the square and mulled over the world's happenings, retrieved the girls around lunch, and off to Mimi's for a relaxing lunch of lasagna and birthday cake.  A most perfect, relaxing way to spend a 35th birthday weekend.  It is these moments in time we cherish to remember during the storms that Life Is Good :)

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