Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting there....

I certainly think about posting often BUT life gets in the way!  Nor could I remember my password.  Ever been to password purgatory?  So, I have it all tucked away in a convenient place and have high hopes now to battle my iTunes account and post some pics of our latest adventures :)

I also want to stumble around and figure out how to add some page info to share my fave products, websites, and other blogger people (that really know what they're doing) that I like to check in on.  The only people I really "follow" is Giada de Laurentiis and Lysa TerKuerst....they are always tweeting something!!  As is my g-friend Erica but it's social media marketing gu-ru stuff that's over my head.  If she ever volunteers to run this pathetic blog I will gladly hand it over!

Until next time.....i need to get to that iTunes thingy....I need a teen in the house sooner than later I suppose :/


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