Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We have welcomed Alicia Claire in July and are awaiting the birth of our Savior and the big fat man in the red suit.  We are spending lots of time with school parties and family.  Blog spot has not been user friendly in several months.  Probably wouldn't recommend them as a blogger site but I'll stick around for a time because all my info is here.  I would love to post more so we'll see what 2014 welcomes.  With any effort there will be more to come....

Merry Christmas from the Riddles

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hard to believe there are less than 2 weeks to go.  9 months is God's perfect timing.  You're not quite ready at 8 and can't take another day at 9 months.  We will celebrate Abbie Kate's 6th birthday this Wednesday and that's almost harder to believe.  What a clip a span of 5 years has become.  She is having a pool party with a few good friends and of course, family.  This will be a big year for her with the start of kindergarten and becoming a big sister.  I hope she adjusts well to all of these wonderful milestones.  I'll post some pics of our summer (if I have any, I have been pretty drained on arrival at each activity) and then you'll be tired of seeing baby girl 4 - we always get lots of sleeping pictures of infants don't we?!!
We are all in sweet anticipation of this new addition to our family!  Prayers for a healthy delivery and baby.
A.D.E.L.A....?? ...!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


"All great change in America begins at the dinner table." ~ Ronald Reagan 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Worth Repeating....

Desperate and defeated, I begged God, “If this happened to these girls, what can keep it from happening with mine?”

He answered me. And He changed my parenting forever.

You can’t protect them from making bad decisions. Their choices are their choices. But you can continue to pour into their lives and establish a relationship with them that is bathed in My love. You won’t be able to control their future but you can be the one they return to in their mess. Receive them as I receive you. In love. Even if there are consequences.

By the grace of God, I realized I needed to spend more time listening and engaging with my growing children, and less time worrying about their future. I put my schedule and priorities under careful scrutiny, and made the necessary changes so that I could be available to hear their hearts, instead of being out at a meeting or staring at a screen or pursuing some dream that could wait until tomorrow.

from thebettermoms@gmail.com

Monday, June 3, 2013

Our life in pictures

That should catch us up for a minute!!  Last day of this school year is Friday and hopefully there will be more time to adventure with you here over the summer :))

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Cupcakes washed down with green tea.  Healthy right?  At 9am?  That was my morning!!  Life is full of balance.  My absence from here for the last month means that we are doing a balancing act of life.  I am anxious to get back and let you in on our happenings so hopefully one day soon I can sit down and do just that!

A little reminder for myself so I don't forget:
-the amazing surprise party my husband and friends threw for my 35th birthday
-girl scout camping
-baby kicks and hand jives throughout my blooming belly
-soccer games
-dance recitals
-beach trips
-mountain excursions

Can't wait to fill you in!!

~busy blessed Chameleon :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

35 - Today was a fairytale....

I awoke to 3 anxious little girls jumping around begging me to open my birthday presents.  Two boxes sat sweetly wrapped on the dining room table.  I assured them as soon as I took my first sip of coffee I would get right on it :) They were bouncing around as if it were their birthday!  I relented and started celebrating long before I was really awake.  Abbie Kate had wrapped up a sweet little spring picture she drew with cheerful, bright colors and then I started on the other one.  Christmas paper enclosed the first box, princess paper on the next, and more Christmas paper on the final box that led to the "small blue box".  Oh yes, the aquamarine earrings I had asked for!  Andrew had actually sought them out and found them!  At that moment, still in my PJs and still no coffee in my system, I opened that blue box to find diamond earrings!  My birthstone and an insane SURPRISE!  I had thought of asking for them for maybe a 15th anniversary or 40th birthday and here they are!!  So I rejoiced with my squealing girls and came to the conclusion we must be born with the gittyness sparkly, perfect diamonds brings us girls.  It was a wonderful moment to see my husband so proud of himself for completing a birthday day that had yet to begin!
Quickly reminded that I am still a mother of 3 we began our day with Andrew taking Ella to her magic class and Abbie Kate going with me to Lillian's soccer game.  The sun was shining and the fields were abuzz with excited kids ready for their first game of the season.  My phone was abuzz as well with sweet birthday wishes from friends.  Lillian's team won and she was on top of the world getting to play side by side with her best friend, Lola.  The glorious day continued arriving at home to a card and present from my BFF Wendy left at my doorstep.  A walk with a friend in the perfectly sunny 70 degree weather, return home to shower the kids and take them to Grandmas for an overnight.  My evening continued with my favorite steak salad with blue cheese and homemade balsamic dressing, hours of uninterrupted conversation with Andrew, and peaceful sleep.  The morning took the 2 of us to Asheville to leisure over breakfast and newspapers at Over Easy CafĂ©.  The lavender French toast hit the spot!  We sat in the square and mulled over the world's happenings, retrieved the girls around lunch, and off to Mimi's for a relaxing lunch of lasagna and birthday cake.  A most perfect, relaxing way to spend a 35th birthday weekend.  It is these moments in time we cherish to remember during the storms that Life Is Good :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

20 something weeks

Easter 2013

Good Friday is already wiping me out!

On to the fun stuff of hunting that bunny!

Treasure basket!

Eggs by the lake :)

Surveying the loot

picnic camp style

Stirring our "soup mix"

cute Lily
Easter Morn'
Off to worship this most glorious day - He is Risen!!

Wedding days ahead :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dr. Seuss

We celebrated wacky Wednesday, crazy hair day, and Green Eggs and Ham Sam I am!!  We love books and authors that let us ...
be US!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School work

I used to view this mundane task as another chore to check off the list.  Now, I go through the girls' school work and make so many discoveries about them.  I keep all of the writings.  Those are windows into their thoughts and personalities.  It will be all too soon that this world teaches them to hide their personalities to fit the mold.  I am hopeful small discoveries now will be what I can nurture and keep alive during the challenging years.  This task came to a close today with a cup (perhaps two!) of Mexican Hot Chocolate :) find the recipe under Pregnancy Confessions.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This week

Lillian dressed as 100 year old for 100th day of school

Only pic I got of Ella's honor roll....and she's only one turned away.  At least you can find her :)

Abbie Kate and I on the rock enjoying lunch

and the hike back down.....

we are enjoying our last months together!!

Life is grand being a girl

Getting there....

I certainly think about posting often BUT life gets in the way!  Nor could I remember my password.  Ever been to password purgatory?  So, I have it all tucked away in a convenient place and have high hopes now to battle my iTunes account and post some pics of our latest adventures :)

I also want to stumble around and figure out how to add some page info to share my fave products, websites, and other blogger people (that really know what they're doing) that I like to check in on.  The only people I really "follow" is Giada de Laurentiis and Lysa TerKuerst....they are always tweeting something!!  As is my g-friend Erica but it's social media marketing gu-ru stuff that's over my head.  If she ever volunteers to run this pathetic blog I will gladly hand it over!

Until next time.....i need to get to that iTunes thingy....I need a teen in the house sooner than later I suppose :/


Friday, January 25, 2013

Here I am!!

A chameleon by definition:  is a reptile able to change color to serve as a form of communication, a response to tempertaure, light, and MOOD, as well as a defense against predators.  Besides being a warm blooded animal, most days...I fit the profile!!  (just query my wonderful husband :))

I will be sharing my ever changing exisitance with you here in stories, memos, journal entries and funny pics.

So, let's start with some pics because let's face it...reading gets boring.

The journey begins now!!

3 precious predators :)